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AFAIU, "Bluetooth Midi" in Windows is a totally different subsystem than the "Midi devices" subsystem that all Midi aware Software can connect to. (I forgot the correct name of this "Bluetooth Midi" subsystem (is this "UWP" / "BLE" ? ) but - other than all other Windows device drivers for any type of hardware - it somehow is based on C# that no decent developer who has realtime programming in mind will use. So it's just a queer idea by Microsoft.)

Hence Midi hardware that only provides "Bluetooth Midi" drivers will not (decently) work with software that does not come bundled with same.

Some time ago there have been some threads in these forums on "Bluetooth Midi" (I seem to remember that "WIDI" was mentioned there, as well) and I seem to remember that there is some (free) software that creates a standard Midi driver from "Bluetooth Midi" devices but I don't know the name nor where to find it.

Apart from this, Bluetooth might not be realtime aware enough to use "Bluetooth Midi" for Live performing.

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