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Originally Posted by tdc View Post
What would you recommend I read to get an understanding of the process of writing the scripts to create a setup like in your Cheesey video? For my purposes, a bank of 16 faders and some banks of rotary encoders that display the selected channels' FX parameters would be just what I am after.

Best, tdc
First thing to say about this -- it's very easy -- it may look tough to start, but a ton of thought went into the file format (thanks forum members).

There are 2 types of files

Template files .mst/.ost

.mst example
Widget Play
	Press 90 5e 7f
	FB_TwoState 90 5e 7f 90 5e 00
.ost example
Widget Play
	Control /t/Play

and .zon files

Zone Buttons
	BankLeft TrackBank -8
	BankRight TrackBank 8
	Rewind Rewind
	FastForward FastForward
	Stop Stop
	Play Play
	Record Record
The .mst/.ost files give CSI names to Midi/OSC Widgets (controls, displays, etc.)

Then it is just a matter of telling Reaper what to do upon receiving a message from a particular Widget -- e.g. Play Play bolded above.

So, when either the Midi surface or the OSC surface sends a Play message, Reaper goes into Play mode.

You are coming along at a good time, we are just finishing up Learn Mode (think Midi Learn) which will help ease Mapping chores, you might want to cruise the thread occasionally now, it's getting close to usable

Also definitely worthwhile checking out @MalcolmG's wiki -- link on first page of the thread -- and @poetnprophet's video -- thanks for reminding me -- I need to put the link on the first page
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