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Hi Geoff,

Thanks for your response and suggestions. Your work on the CSI and EuCon is a large part of my considering moving from AVID to Cockos. I have some experience with MaxMSP and M4L and already have a number of OSC Apps for controlling DAW's for immersive and live projects. The potential of applying this to Reaper as my main DAW would make good sense from a workflow perspective and be simply amazing.

I have tried both CSI and the EuCon beta with the S3, but its quite rudimentary and only maps to small subset of the S3's controls. If I did end up migrating to Reaper, it would be far better to embrace controllers that support your work better. Also, EuCon is such a trial, ever since Euphonix released it for the MC and then S5, its been frustrating.

What would you recommend I read to get an understanding of the process of writing the scripts to create a setup like in your Cheesey video? For my purposes, a bank of 16 faders and some banks of rotary encoders that display the selected channels' FX parameters would be just what I am after.

Best, tdc
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