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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
This to me does not make any sense at all. Do you have a dedicated argument against using SWS ? (I posted some explanations about LiveConfigs in the other thread you stared.)

Well, I just wanted to know if it's possible without SWS . Just now I tried simple Live Config through newest SWS and... It works. Just works . Hm, maybe my first experience with SWS was kinda hard... But there's another problem.

I use my HP 2170p with i5 3427U. I used Roland Cloud plugins (not optimized at all, using CPU cycles even when inactive or - in this case - muted. CPU is enough for one plugin at once (maybe with sidechained Goliath), and shutting inactive tracks helped to save CPU, but instead of shutting plugins down (with power button near green FX) it disconnected plugins. Not only it takes a while for the plugin to be ready again, it sometimes won't turn on (especially those pesky Roland Cloud's VSTi).

Is there a way to automatize to switch plugins off instead of muting them? I normally use i7 4810MQ with enough horsepower to run several plugins at once, but I want to use this little brat (2170p) for less demanding projects .

Another thing - can I send names of tracks as SysEx to my KeyLab? And is there a possibility to switch the list up/down using knob, or it has to be exact CC? Sorry for noob questions .
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