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Aren't Reabanks designed for HW synths rather than software?

You might be right, there's no need to reinvent the wheel. I just want simple yet elegant solution and studying Reaper's functions already gave me a headache . I tried SWS once in the past, was stuck in the middle of making setup due to inability of my MIDI Controller to send dedicated CC... But KeyLab is a different story .

I'd be grateful for simple tutorial how to make my first preset step by step - I'm family man, have much work and when I finally have some time, it's 22 p.m. so not the best time to study complex things .

AD - as I understand, I can switch between presets, after sending dedicated CC, one track is active and other tracks are muted etc. That much I understand. But what about a situation, when I have sidechained at all time VST Goliath (saturation/tape/valve emulation), connected after all the plugins I use? The diagram is something like that:
________________________----->PLUGIN2 ]--^
________________________----->PLUGIN3 ]--^
________________________----->PLUGIN4 ]--^

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