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Originally Posted by Blankfiles View Post
This Theme will be ready soon in regular screen ! for 4K around next month

I'm almost sure, preparing 100% and 200% you are working with shared code to match both resolutions. I hope so, since I found every other theme created for particular resolution has bugs which appear when trying to change the scale. And when I say 'bugs' there are indeed bugs and oversights which are just not visible in original resolution. I attempted to fix a theme I'm using and I succeeded so I'm sure it's doable at least layout-wise (to some extent, because some elements like volume sliders are not scalable at all).

It might be important to users who need to use intermediate scale, like 130% (4K normal dpi monitor users)

Actually I wanted to ask all theme creators for this: please check theme for different scales (100% and 200% is probably enough).
But I was delaying it having no idea where to write it down. Right now, your declaration triggered me finally. Sorry for hijacking the thread.
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