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Hi Poetnprophet,

Thanks for replying! I made quite some progress, described in the post just before yours. It is starting to work quite well, the last major thing that does not work yet are the VU meters. And the jog wheel, but I understand that that is not implemented yet so I'll just be patient.

Do you have any suggestions about getting CSI visible in Reaper on my Win 8.1 machine?

Indeed, I have the older QCon Pro, not the X. It seems to be quite compatible with the MCU.

I am going to look through the Reaper actions list to find the functions I want to map to buttons on my QCon, the most important ones being the expand/collapse folder actions.
If you ever find the time to share your files I'd be very grateful, I am sure I'll get some good suggestions from them.

I still don't understand most of the special lines in the .rst and .axt file, but I will read through the thread and see if I can find more information about them.

I am looking forward to figuring out the BCR mapping, I think I understand the concept of the .fxt file, so it will just take some work to do it. I love the power and flexibility of this setup!
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