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Hi All,

I've been away from my DAW and the Houston for a little while.

Now it is re-calibrated, the faders seem to move exactly as they should using the Mackie Hui(partial).dll.apart from the little jump up and down.

Hey Deric,
How are you doing with the 01X csurf support?
I hope it's going well.

It strikes me that the easiest way to do the Houston thing, at least to initially get the thing working, might be just to make fader 8, and the master fader function in the hui.dll and then apply N42's code to the main csurf.dll for the hui.dll so that all the buttons could be user programmable. It's a long way from ideal, I know. Not least because none of the visual indicators would work. Having said that, it would allow virtually any midi control surface buttons to become usable.

I understand that you are busy. Heck, it took me a couple of days just to check and double check the messages to and from Houston. I understand entirely.

As for a Reaper control surface plug which recognises the control surface, yes, in an ideal world I would agree with you. The problem might be that there are so many completely dumb surfaces out there which don't identify themselves as such. That would truly be a huge task.

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