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The 127 x 127 comes from using 2 midi messages for each fader position, so in base 127, the highest position is 127.127, the next position down is 127.126 and so on through to 000.000 at the bottom of the fader. Hope this makes things less muddy.

As for full implementation, I think Deric is the man to ask, or of course Justin, or perhaps both.

Me, I've just tried to unravel the input and output in the hope that it might be possible. I must say though, that there are thousands of people who own these and haven't switched to another DAW software because Houston is only implemented in X and older versions of either Logic or Protools (can't quite remember which).

It is actually a very solid controller and a completely dumb device which just accepts and sends MIDI messages, so it is just a question of implementation.

The fact that the protocol for operating the faders is very similar to that of the Mackie HUI
should imply that the code from the babyhui_csurf.dll could be copied to a potential houston_csurf.dll.

The code for the display is sent in asciII via sysex. We already know that.

We know every message that the Houston sends and receives for the buttons and the rotary encoders.

Then it's a matter of deciding exactly what to make all those lovely illuminated buttons do. For the most part that is already clear.

Despite my desperate lack of programming knowlege I can control anything that the houston will do remotely now, just by having defined all the messages it sends and recieves. These are for the most part identical and logical. If I can do it, I'm pretty sure that someone else can.

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