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In the analogue days fader tapers were log so that you had most control over the area around 0db because,with well recorded material/gain structure, that was the area that needed the most precise control as thats where the faders usually were.

So Reapers 2.3 log tapers i think represent this, an analogue fader though will go from infinity to +6 or whatever.Reapers prefs can be set though so that the fader range can be say -50 to +12 which would make doing a fade to zero difficult.

The automation envelope should represent this the same,but as I'm not at my DAW at the moment i can't remember how it works exactly.I do remember the first time I tried to do a fade out by drawing a line it didnt sound the same as in"X" so I'm not sure if the envelope is Linear.

All good stuff though, I think with the limitations of the 127 step midi protocol as much resolution as possible should be assigned to the area around 0


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