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Originally Posted by Tim Rideout View Post
- for EVOSILICA - the *OTHER* perhaps more sensible way of doing this (for your 100+ STEMs) would be a two-step process:
- render your STEMs *without mix buss / master buss effects;
That's what I did.

Originally Posted by Tim Rideout View Post
- re-import these STEMs into a mastering project where you could apply effects on a Master Bus, across all stems, if you can; or set up a few different mastering chains. This is often how it is done in the CD/record industry
Didn't work, as the FX-chain in question was way to CPU heavy (~15 plugins / ~ 6% CPU usage) to be copied over 100s of tracks.

Btw my PC is quite powerful (i7 3930K 6-core OCd @ 4.0Ghz)

Originally Posted by nofish View Post
Reaper's Batch file converter can batch render audiofiles through an FX chain.
Maybe this helps ?
This did the trick nicely! Many Thanks!!
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