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Err, this is weird. Or a joke? Shouldn't this topic be moved to newbieland forum?

If you render *steams* through the master fx track (which contains kinda eq, compression and a limiter) it would sound VERY DIFFERENT when you put those stems in Live into a project.

Just to clarify:
If you're using a compressor on the master, it would behave differently if you route ONE or TWO tracks onto it.

*** What YOU want is this: ***
Make the master FX chain "done", use ONLY vst effects, no reaper-only ("native") ones.
Now save the setting of each plugin in your master chain.
Render all steams like before (no "through master" setting, just the stems)
Import the stems in Live
Load the vst effects on the Live master track and load each setting as saved in Reaper

NOW it should sound 100% like in Reaper!
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