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Originally Posted by airon View Post
Use a bussing track and render that. The master only exists once, so you'd lose all the "render all selected stems at the same time" ability. In fact, Reaper would have to instantiate all the master effects for every stem.
Yes it would have to do that! Which means it would be slower to render indeed. HOWEVER, requiring me to manually solo each single track and export it is again infinitely slower than that, so what is your point?

Originally Posted by airon View Post
This is a problem users are already able to solve themselves by placing the effects themselves. If that has problems, then let's talk about that.
I don't get why I should waste the time to now move my master fx copied into each of my 33 tracks when REAPER could just render it out how I wanted it to. And there are good reasons to have some effects on the master, e.g. the reason that it simply saves quite some processing power during realtime playback if you have a lot of tracks. Sure, you'd usually reverb per-track, but some final EQ and touch of reverb is also well-placed on the master - and then changing this in a large project just for export is a huge pain.

Therefore, bump! Can we have this? I want it too
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