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Originally Posted by Airspeed View Post
+ Mouse modifiers: actions and custom actions can be assigned to item or track single-click
Neat! Not quite what I expected though, you have to sacrifice your "drag" behavior.

I expected it to work on mouse up and only if a drag wasn't initiated, so that it could be a new context called "click". Ctrl+click and Ctrl+drag for example are different actions, so it sucks to lose ctrl+drag when assigning a custom action to ctrl+click.

EDIT: Nevermind, it does sort of work! It always does "move item" if you drag and that context is assigned to a custom action though. Still pretty neat but would be better if they were separate. Right now I can have alt+click is split item, but alt+drag is automatically move item with no option to customize, where I would like it to be "move item contents" for example!
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