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Originally Posted by planetnine View Post
Woo! this is looking interesting.

I told myself not to look at the PR forums for a while as I've work to do (20 backing tracks before next weekend), but I'll struggle to keep away now!

Any chance of fader and knob dB lines/graticules being built into this new layout engin' Justin?

Pretty please?!

And how would they look like ? Perhaps a tint of the underlying MCP background with two shades of either dark or light ? What spacing ? Should it just be an element to position with WALTER, or should it be part of the fader itself ?

And if it is part of the fader, should the user get to decide which side it's on ?

Should the db markers have numerical values or would generic lines suffice? A font image perhaps? Can any system font do such small numbers well ?

If it's numbers, a generic hand drawn set of numbers may be best. You can't faff about with styles at such dimensions.
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