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Default V4 alpha15 is up...


v4.0alpha15 - December 16 2010

+ Envelopes: fixed single envelope point editing in per-take envelopes
+ OSX: better behavior when hidden mouse is modifying knobs/faders/etc
+ Media Explorer: when selecting an area of a REX items and inserting as a single item, create a loopable clone
+ Mouse modifiers: added double-click behaviors for TCP, mixer control panel, envelope control panel
+ Mouse modifiers: actions and custom actions can be assigned to item or track single-click
+ Mouse modifiers: fixed reversed marquee toggle and add selection behaviors
+ Project Bay: delete key removes items from the bay even if they are not in the project
+ Project Bay: confirmation dialog before removing items from the project
+ Track Manager: possible fix for track manager sometimes showing empty on first open
+ Actions: fixed action to toggle default fades on/off
+ ReaControlMIDI: fixed manual text entry of pitch and pan values
+ Faders now turn into knobs when their sizes are small enough (via layouts etc)
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