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Originally Posted by gembez View Post
Any chance of getting e CC page as well?
What do you want that for? How you'd like it to be organised/designed?
Of course, i can make a complete page full of CC knobs, but it really depends on a task how to align/color them, which size of knobs, knobs needs names/values? Do they need reset on double-click?

BTW, i'm experimenting on making custom plugins interfaces to work in, you select an EQ in current track, and instead of just 20 parameters knobs you've got full EQ layout with color-coded knobs of different size, buttons for selecting filter types, etc... yes, we can't get "meters" for comps here or gimmiky "EQ curves", but it just makes us to work more with our ears, not eyes...and this is the main purpose of all control surfaces!

Anyhow, the basic "set" of these will be included in Binder 2.1

Right now i'm making interfaces for these plugins (which i'm using extensively):
Toneboosters: EQ, Bus Compressor, Ferox, Module, Omnisone, Reelbus;
Vladg: Molot, Limiter6;
TDR: SlickEQ, Kotelnikov;
Voxengo TubeAmp;

The only problem i'm seing so far is the Lemur's limit on project size, so you can't get every plugin interface in a template...but i still can cut on some other less useful functions...we'll see.
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