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Originally Posted by flipotto View Post
Can you add receives?
Maybe 10 receives per selected track?
Great idea, Flipotto!

Also in my "Binder 1.2 to-do list":
-Stereo VU on channels
-Pan mode with a second "width" knob
-Pan for sends and receives
-Advanced transport control with more precise FF/FW and current region/marker name and number indication
-More navigation goodness: full markers and regions lists, etc. Trying to make Reaper work like a standalone recorder-editor, to make user to make decisions only by ear, as it is prooved in my last practice to be the best way to work.

Also making some improvements in useability - 8 tracks on one screen VS 10 is feeling better for fingers, bigger knobs for track selection, etc.

I have an idea to make 2 size versions *the bigger one will utilise full screen for faders and Solo/Cut/etc, second full screen for channel strip, and the third for editing. Popups for quick navigation.

And i'm designing a "console-style" controller, where we will get a complete channel strip for every channel, switching full screens between 8 channels-at-once of level-pan-solo-cut, EQ section, dynamics section, so when using 3 iPads in a column we'll have an analog-style GUI for a digital console.

Alas, i'm doing all this in my free time, so we cannot have some ETAs )))

I wish i'd be an iOS programmer, i could do all this stuff more fast and good-looking without stupid Lemur mess, as a separate app with it's own nice GUI.
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