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BTW, if a MIDI pre-delay, == play the MIDI before all other tracks,
can help here , you can try it on my signature,

it uses REAPER PDC, to make Audio/MIDI pre-delay.

if you do, please let me know how it work for you.

for this to work,
i think you should to do this:

- open new track, name it MIDI
- add the Delay_Pan plug.
- then your VSTi, or route it to your hardware.

set the Delay_Pan to Pre delay mode

now you have control on the Pre MIDI timing.

I didn't try it, but i think it should work.

EDIT: and BTW, you don't how much REAPER is accurate with MIDI/Audio
with JS plugins, I hope also with VSTi, I can't test it now.

I made a little test with JS plugin,

I send MIDI notes in the block section,

after that in the sample section I raised a sample
in sample offset exactly equal to MIDI event offset that i already sent in the
block section

here is the screen shot of the result
you can contack me on

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