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Originally Posted by jbone1313 View Post
Unbelievable. It seems to solve my looping problem. (Solve is a strong word; it seems to help.)

I hope this isn't one of those cases my sound engineer friend talks about. Guys will say, "turn up my monitor". My friend will pretend to turn it up. Then he'll ask them if that's better. They'll say, "yes."
Hehe. No, I can pretty much assure you of that. I have no idea why this is happening or what eventually can be done to remedy it, but it certainly should be looked into. Both me and Baard have "professional" audio cards, and I personally see no reason why this should occur on my system specifically. The idea of having to add latency to any metronome sample to be used isnt exactly my idea of fun, so I hope there will be another solution at some point.

I'm glad you got help from this workaround though. I just tested some more and it seems to work just fine here now, so I am glad for my own sake as well

Oh man, I'm going to be tired at work tomorrow. Its over 3.15 am here now. Bah. However, it was worth the while. This problem was killing my creativity, and also I got to spend a lot of time practicing playing to a metronome.

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