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Edit: (Content removed because of insufficient reading beforehand on my part)

Thanks a lot for you extensive testing EricM and DarkStar.

Having actually read through schwa's post I realize that there are still a few things I havent checked out. Those timestamp options looks interesting. I never thought about those settings at all, of some unknown reason. Off for some testing.

Edit2: I did the midi loopback test, and it seems like this checks out just fine with the standard timestamp setting of "let Reaper timestamp events". Here is an image to show the compared tracks:

Track number one is the original, while the second is the recorded loopback. The differences are barely noticeable, and this difference is certainly NOT ahead. Its behind by a small margin. The "low precision system timestamp (TGT)" however does show a greater imprecision and more jitter, however hardly any reason for the phenomena described earlier in this thread. Now, what this prove is basically that Reaper is very capable of receiving midi in a proper way, something I never doubted.

What remains then are two possibilities in my opinion:

1) Personal error causing a "record ahead". Honestly I dont think this is it, as I'm pretty certain that I should be able to hit SOME notes correctly during hours and hours of boring "hitting one note while closing eyes and concentrating on hitting this one note".

2 Lack of compensation in the metronome. I find this a valid possibility, considering that I and others have found that using external vsti's (or in my case Reason) as a metronome give better results in general. The "play ahead", while happening now and then, is far less consistent than when using the built in metronome. Its kind of telling that practically not ONE note get placed behind the bar.

Obviously I'm no expert on this subject. I am only using common sense and monotonous experiments as a basis for my conclusions.

Now, if someone more knowledgeable and skilled artisan would take this case further up the ladder, it would be greatly appreciated.

We all love Reaper and only want it to be the best it can be.

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