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EricM-Wow, thanks again for the detailed testing.

I'm wondering if what you and Chris are experiencing is the "MIDI record what is heard vs what is played" phenomenon. This has been discussed quite a bit on here. I tried searching for some of the threads discussing it, but I couldn't find them. I *think* Schwa did a big post explaining how REAPER handles MIDI. I'm *pretty sure* REAPER records what is played, not what is heard. So, you might end up with notes appearing as through they've been recorded "early". Really, Reaper is recording what you've been playing, but you have been subconsciously compensating for the latency your hearing. Thus, you are playing a little early.

Ableton records what is "heard". Thus, if you're not expecting it, sometimes your notes would appear as recorded "late".

I'm not sure what to make of some of the other details about your tests. I'll have to analyze some more.

Now, in my case (the looping problems in the other thread), I'm wondering if its an issue with input quantization. I'm setting my input quantization, but notes are constantly being caught at the end of the clip; they're not making it to the start. I.e., I can't consistently record the first note.

I wish there was some logical explanation. Let's keep up the dialog.

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