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Originally Posted by Fergo View Post
Hi Chris.

To change the metronome volume, just right click the metronome button. There a bunch of options there

Regarding the delay, you might wanna insert a click source in one track to use as a metronome instead of RPR's default, just to check if the problem really is with RPR's built in metronome. Just go to Insert->Click Source.

Ah, I see now Fergo that you talked about the same screen as when going into options -> metronome and pre-roll settings. I thought maybe there was another config screen, however I was aware of these settings. Its just that these settings dont "stick" from song to song. It would be neat to be able to set a default volume for the metronomes, but I figure making a project template works as well.

Regarding click source. I see that this has "save as default". Nice. I somewhat fail to see how this will test if Reapers built in metronome is off, as I bet the timing of the click is the same as the click source. Anyhow, i tried playing to the click source (with no instrument, merely midi input) and the result was the same. Ahead.

Originally Posted by DBMusic View Post
Interesting. I'm curious if this happens with both a blank project that has only your MIDI track as well as a multi-track project that has other plugins that would cause some delay compensation to execute.
Sorry for not getting back to you before, but here goes. I'm still ahead when following the metronome with no instruments loaded (obviously no instrument, just midi in).

I'm really out of it today though, having slept less than an hour last night, so I cant say I trust my timing very much right now. Its interesting that I dont fall behind then, instead of staying ahead.

When I load up instruments and use redrum as a metronome, I still feel that this is slightly better than especially the synthesized metronome, but also better than when I use samples for click. This goes for both "normal metronome" and "click source metronome". In the few runs I did with the "Redrum metronome" during this last hour, I never hit quite as well as yesterday. I see that there is less of an unanimous tendency of staying ahead though.

I'm beginning to think that the reason why I hit so well in the second pic above, is because I after some while got adjusted to the click.

Even so, I cant really explain it, but I just feel that there is something wrong with the metronome in Reaper. I tried slowing down the speed to 50 bpm's, then I pulled down the rate slider, and I think I hear a tiny tiny difference between when the redrum hihat and the built in metronome is played, but again, I cant really tell anymore. I'm practically "deaf" after having retried this for an hour and a half or so now. I could probably even hear pigs squeeling if I listened close enough.

Cant we get some real experts on this case, instead of a super tired dude like me? Btw, I think I hear my bed shouting my name. Night folks.

PS: My intention is NOT to "prove" that there is something wrong with Reapers metronome. For instance, EvilDragon is happy using custom samples in the built in metronome, while I just cant seem to move further "behind" even when using this function. The odds are that its just me, but also a friend of mine have felt that there is something a bit off with the metronome. Decide for yourselves.
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