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Originally Posted by rawdio View Post
If haven't really got a clue about this, but you might try the option 'Preserve PDC delayed monitoring in recorded items' (in the recording menu of the tcp)...
Thanks for your suggestion rawdio. You put me on track of some "old" threads where this was mentioned. However, I've tried recording with both normal "input" and "output: midi", toggling "preserve pdc..." on and off, and I cant really say that there is a great difference. There may be a tad less "ahead" on "midi: out" or with "preserve pdc" on, but I cant really say as its so marginal. Maybe I'm getting tired, so I'm slacking behind some

Originally Posted by Simple Simon View Post
As someone who consistently tends to play a little ahead of the beat (despite many attempts to train myself to do otherwise) I would suggest eliminating this possibility - however slim - first. The easiest way to do that would be to simply try recording midi on a different system and/or with different software and compare the results.

If all things still point to Reaper, I'd suggest experimenting a little with the buffering settings under Preferences.
Good tip. I'll check this out at a friend of mine the next time I'm visiting. Its comforting to know that there are others in the same boat though The "ahead" is so consistent that it almost looks machinal though, so thats why I thought there may be something wrong here.

Originally Posted by funkycornwall View Post
Don't worry it's perfectly normal. Ypu are a musician not a machine so if you are playing slightly ahead of the metronome beat and it sounds fine then great. I agree with your idea of avoiding quantizing. If you are a decent keyboard performer you shoould not need to quantize - you canm always adjust the odd note. If you really don't like something better to re-record it rather than quantize.
Hehe. Yeah. I certainly hope I'm not a machine. Like I mention above though, this "ahead" almost looks machinal due to the lack of any "behind". I guess it sounds ok most of the time however. I usually have to practice more if it doesnt, so I totally agree with your argument. The bothersome part is that when using pre roll, I almost always lose the first note (cant be quantized either as its not there). Maybe I should just set the start point one bar back then. Hehe.

Thanks for the suggestions guys. Its typical that I get derailed when writing music because of stuff like this. I'm comforted by your responses though, and shall try to ignore this "ahead" next time.
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