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If the highest audio quality is wanted every piece of gear and every process should produce artefacts way below known thresholds in order to avoid detection in high rez and "sensitive" set ups and combinations.

One must also realize that errors add up. You may not hear one source of degradation but you must consider the whole chain from mic to speakers and all that happens in between.

I export classical material out of Reaper and do SRC with SoX but I'd really prefer an algo in Reaper of similar high quality as SoX and iZotope to improve workflow.

I would like to see: higher quality SRC and several options of noise shaped dither in Reaper.
With my limited understanding of programming it seems like that would be relatively easy to implement and I can see no reason why.

I would be willing to pay 2-4 times the current price for these improvements.

Please Reaper team.. :-)

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