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Originally Posted by Justin View Post
And these modes are provided for creative potential -- the medium quality modes sound great and are relatively quick, IMO.

We have no problem in adding support for LGPL algorithms (for example we use SoundTouch...). The main problem is that REAPER's SRC needs to be dynamic, i.e. supporting changing sample rates on the fly without big penalty.
Perhaps the Optimizer (Schwa, the cycle hound) can improve efficiency of the SINC resamplers at some point.

Are render-caching strategies too messy to consider ? Ha! Would remind me all too well of Audiosuite processing, but without the shortcomings. The great thing about Reapers strategy is that you're ALWAYS working with the original audio. In PT we have to be quite careful not to reuse destructively time-stretched material in dialogue editing. The artefacts mount up quickly.
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