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Default Cockos can have the ultimate resampling algorithm...for FREE!

The SINC resampler currently used in REAPER is a waste of CPU time - the only setting worth using is the 'extreme' preset that's *extremely* slow, producing rendered files that are of less-than-stellar quality.Using this preset for real-time playback is out of the question. People are begging for a better resampler

Now what if there's a resampling algorithm that's orders of magnitude faster than the current one and at the same time so good that it beats the best resamplers out there?

Imagine the 'perfect' resampler - something that rivals R8brain Pro / iZotope in quality and is so fast that it can be used for real-time playback as well

Sounds too good to be true? Nope,it gets even better:

Meet SoX (Sound Exchange) - a free, open source audio processing toolkit:

Its resampler is one of the best things ever created in the open source world

Tests at indicate that SoX is the leader in resampling quality,rivaling R8brain Pro and iZotope while being much faster,using orders of magnitude less CPU

Since SoX's code is licensed under LGPL,the resampler can be used in any commercial program,free of charge

EDIT: Some cat dude made a Foobar2000 plugin:
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