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Originally Posted by brainwreck
Noteheads of 2nds flip direction. Yea... It isn't that bad though. 11th? Take a shot in the dark...
Ah, but it is still ambiguous - you have to know that is this way, otherwise I would play them as a second anyway. Again, additional requirement as unnecessary "knowledge" (clumsy nomenclature)
No, I want 11th! It is in extended inversions; I want to see it from any root note on the staff!

insane... this is ridiculous...

Originally Posted by brainwreck
Where is the home / most up to date info about Pashkuli notation? Is there a full legend?
I work on video demos for the Pashkuli keyboard. Will update the notation on that same page you quoted above
If you do not mind, can I include your request from this post as an example in the Plain Notation (Pashkuli)?
♦ YouTube → .: Pashkuli Keyboard :.
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