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Great feedback folks, thank you. Please download the new theme version from the first post (script is unchanged in this update)

Originally Posted by strachupl View Post
Fixed in 1.12, thanks!

Originally Posted by poplomop View Post
Half of the transport disappears when I click "Show playrate control". And no playrate control shows. Presumably disappeared with the rest of the stuff haha.
Everyone please take a look at this :

...that is what's happening. Here are the options for how I could deal with this, and the reasons they aren't a perfect solution:
  1. I could limit the width of the rate fader if there's not enough room for it. This might make the user think that the rate adjustment in the script is broken, and is ignoring their preference. Someone might want a big-ass rate fader and no selection readouts, for example.
  2. I could skip elements to the next line progressively, rather than do it 'in halves'. This would look messier on an undocked transport, and doesn't solve the problem of "hey! where did my XXX go?"
  3. I could compress other things. Such as my pet peeve, the enormous position readout, needed for that minority of people making very very long projects while wanting Measures/Beats/Minutes/Seconds all showing at once.

Its a no-win choice. Fun, eh? Anyway, please advise...

Originally Posted by JamesPeters View Post
there's this little thing I just noticed (see attached). That square appears when "element labels" is unchecked, and adding more track channels than 2. It's larger when you have more track channels (for this example it was 16, I think).
Fixed in 1.12, thanks!

Originally Posted by sievr View Post
so there is still a change that minimal mixer will be added?
No, sorry.

Originally Posted by JayJSE2 View Post
Fair enough, but wouldn't it be possible to let the user (through the script) change the order of the elements? That layout (long name, long fader and as much else as possible on those two lines) is what I'd use for all tracks, so I wouldn't need things to rearrange themselves, only for me to be able to have more control over where things are.
Yes, the user can change the order of elements, but sadly no - not through the script. This is due to a limitation in the way ReaScript and Themes interact. However, I have made it even easier than it was in V5 for someone with zero theming experience to do this simple mod. The theme has a section where the elements are just listed in order:

;    element        	size  		padding?
then tcp.recarm 	20 		0
then tcp.recmon 	15 		0
then tcp.label     tcp_LabelSize 	0
then tcp.volume     tcp_VolSize		0
then 		34 		1
then fx_group 		36 		1
then tcp.env 		41 		1
then pan_group	   tcp_PanSize		1 
then tcp.recmode	39 		1
then input_group 	1
It just draws thing, then thing, then thing ...and so on. If you swap the order of lines, it swaps the order they are drawn in. And that's it.
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