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Default Forum for paranoid noob questions

I wish there was a forum just for paronoid noobs like me so it doesn't seem totally ridiculous to the experienced but here it goes:I've used Cubase and Reason for years but after research and trial, decided that Reaper was it and switched over in September to Reaper(love it). Anyway, v. 5.961 just came out and I obviously want to update it. My paranoia-laced question is: When I run the installer will it just update certain parts of v.5.95 to v.5.961 or will it do a "clean install" of the whole program? I'm in the middle of a project that will take a few more weeks and I don't want to mess with anything. I have not done anything to the original instalations except installing first as a portable into a designated folder and then installing again as a regular install into the same folder to keep everything in one folder(saw it on you tube).
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