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Default New ReaEQ presets based on EQ charts

I put this together this morning. They are based on an EQ article in a December '05 issue of Computer Music Magazine. What I have done is take the main Frequency attributes of common instruments and set the bands up for you. Then labeled those EQ bands in the preset name like for instance Voice: Band 1= fullness (120 Hz) Band 2= boominess (200 - 240 kHz),Band 3= sibilance (7.5 - 10 kHz),Band 4= presence (5 kHz). I left all other settings flat so when You insert a preset on a track it should not change the sound until you decide if a band should go up or down. If there was a range in frequency I put the ReaEQ band in the middle of that range. Of course you can add as many bands as you need. But I only setup the ones citied in the article as main attribute points. presets include-
Electric Guitar,
Bass Guitar,
Snare Drum,
Kick Drum,
Hi Hat & Cymbals,
Acoustic Guitar,

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