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Originally Posted by carbon View Post
1) when importing the toolbar (menu set) REAPER refuses to import to other toolbars except Toolbar 2, should import anywhere I think.
This is because it's written in the MenuSet file - [Floating Toolbar 2]

I haven't tried what happens if the number gets removed. EDIT: nothing, it will not import. I see this as a current limitation. You have to have [Floating Toolbar x] in the MenuSet file, and it is fixed! SUGGESTION TO COCKOS: when exporting floating toolbars, just put [Floating Toolbar] in the MenuSet file, and dynamically change it to whichever toolbar the file gets imported in.

I knew I was right only ONE floating toolbar would've been better - then the icons would simply be added on the list, without this hassle!

Originally Posted by carbon View Post
2) The colors are shifted (first color isn't red, but orange).

3) Color 16 opens up "SWS Track List" instead

4) Rand All makes a "SWS Color Gradient instead
This is the reason:

Originally Posted by Xenakios
...take into consideration the command numbers are dynamic. Changes in Reaper or the extensions may make your script behave wrong if you put in hardcoded numbers for the command. That's what I meant there's no predictable way for ReaScripts to call extension plugin provided actions.
You need to change the command numbers in each script

Originally Posted by carbon View Post
5) When clicking on items to color them also the track becomes colored, when marquee selectin, it works as expected (I guess this is a limitation of how REAPER activates each track).
This is intentional. If you have a track and an item selected, they both get colored. If you have ONLY track selected, only the track will get colored. If you have ONLY items selected, only items will get colored. Except with Random All, that one works a bit weird when selections are different, as I explained above.

@Gofer - I have ActivePython

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