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Like Klangfarben, I'm no scripter, but I feel the effects of these issues as a user every day.

Originally Posted by mespotine View Post
I would also imagine, that the whole undo-system in Reaper needs an extensive overhaul, as it's very shaggy in many ways (undoing stuff that's should not be part of the undo-point, mostly markers).
So I think, it would be worth several dev-cycles to get it right.

Nevertheless, as much as we can do with Reaper at this point, we definately need a stable way of undoing/not undoing things or it will become a mess further and further.
I think this is bang on. The extra undo points are even more unwelcome when you consider the constant interrupts to the audio stream that are caused by the undo/redo actions, which I posted about here -

Justin weighed on that thread saying there was room for improvement and it's on the list. So hopefully this thread will also get a look in.

I'm also very much hoping that the undo system gets a proper overhaul. I know it's not a flashy new feature like embedded UI's or HiDPI functionality but it's crucial.
Don't get me wrong, I love both of those, but this is such an important ground-level function, it's something we're all using probably hundreds of times in a long session, so it's absolutely worth taking the time to make it the best it can be. I would be hugely grateful.
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