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Originally Posted by +NRG View Post
Hi Justin,

v5.979+dev0618 has broken the Default 5.0 HiDPI theme and my themes ( based off of the Default 5.0 HiDPI theme (and the JRENG!_METRIC theme). It seems that 'version 5' 'global_scale 2.0' no longer works for me* on Windows 10 x64...

*I'm not using a HiDPI screen (27" 1920x1080 monitor). I was using the HiDPI version for a larger / clearer interface & text, due to my poor vision and my workflow not needing to see a zillion tracks at once...

Default 5.0 HiDPI | v5.979
Default 5.0 HiDPI | v5.979+dev0618

Stealth GT | v5.979
Stealth GT | v5.979+dev0618

  • White Tie warned me that there would be changes and my work may get broken.
  • Using v5.979+dev0618, if I select: scale UI elements by: 2.00 (under Advanced UI/system Settings), it brings back most elements to the correct size but some text looks grainy and the faders for the native plugins / routing window (and other windows...) remain small / broken.
  • Currently, with the Default 6.0 Alpha theme, I can select 150% or 200% in the Options / Layouts menu but it doesn't affect the whole interface. Only affects the Transport / ENVCP / MCP / TCP. Not the Toolbars / Timeline / Regions / Markers, etc...
Should I assume that for my needs / specific usage, my themes will no longer work correctly as of REAPER v6?

Just looking for clarification if possible... I realize that my needs are not of the many! B)
Hi, in 5.979+dev0618+ if you want the larger themes, you should go to preferences/general/advanced, and check the
"Scaling UI elements of track/mixer panels" box, and set the value next to it to 2.0 (or 1.5, or...).

That, combined with the Default 5.0 HiDPI theme, will give you similar results to 5.979.
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