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Originally Posted by xphen0m View Post
I'm pondering buying SKnote StripBus, which looks like it has a similar functionality to NLS. It seems like you are able to group instances of the plugin and such.

If anyone has this, can you tell me if I'm correct or no? StripBus gets a LOT of good reviews, and is pretty cheap, which is a HYOOOOOOGE plus, to me.
While I AM a huge Nebula fan, when I am needing a quicker and less CPU intensive plugin for console emulation, the Stripbus suite is awesome. Yes you are correct about the grouping. And the channel inserts can be used for subtle ducking, and that alone is worth the price, it really lends a "gluing" quality and very subtle sense of placement. All of the Sknote plugins (the newer grey line) are worth every penny and more.
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