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Originally Posted by Banned View Post
I understand that the technical details are much more complicated, but was simplifying for the sake of argument, if you can forgive me. And indeed, I *want* to use my ears to be the judge, rather than knowing about / reading up on all the technical details (which I'm very interested in as well, so thank you for the link), which is why I asked if anyone can point me to good audio examples / comparisons. I have used the free version, and didn't like anything I heard so far (and absolutely hated the entire UI, but that's not the point here).

Similar to your positive experiences with Nebula, I think that low level saturation of the overdrive in UAD's Moog filter plugin is done very well. And that's just a "preamp", isn't it? So my question remains. We could make some audio source material for comparison, I'll put them through the Moog overdrive (at mild settings), and you can try and match the type of sound with some Nebula preamp saturation? Even if only to find out if it's "THAT" kind of distortion that Nebula isn't suitable for (I like them in many flavors anyway).

Personally, I'm less interested in 1176, but since you mention it, I'd like to hear those too, compared against both the old and new UAD 1176 ones. That would make for an interesting comparison as well, wouldn't it? I have the old ones (they come bundled with the hardware), and still have a 14-day demo period for the new ones that I haven't activated yet, so if we use the same source file, and try to match some settings, I could contribute those parts of some comparison. And there must be folks on this forum with access to a real 1176 as well, I assume.
I have a few 1176 style Nebula "libraries". They don't handle the transients like they should, but because of the Nebula sample based engine, they definitely impart the tonal flavor. I just throw a more transparent algo plug before it for the behavior, and it is very close to the hardware.
I would be happy to try a few comparisons with you. PM me and let's figure out how to proceed.
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