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Originally Posted by Jason Brian Merrill View Post
I am using the guitar plug inputs - so what exactly do I need to convert? Everything I seem to do comes out distorted and I'm sick and can hardly think today

it's a dual connector, has XLR or 1/4 inch - but the level does not seem to be compatible with line level signals.
Ah OK. So, do the input level meters show clipping even with the input level turned all the way down to minimum? Lastly, what outs are you using from the mixer and do you have any control on that end to adjust that doesn't affect the mix listeners here. I'm assuming there isn't, just checking. While awaiting those answers....

If it actually is too hot a signal and you have no other way to control it you could use an inline pad or pads (2 for stereo).

This is what I used to keep around for that snare or instrument when my preamps didn't have built in pads and turning the level all the way down wasn't down enough. They just attenuate the signal by ~n dB. However, you'd need suitable connector types. I'm sure someone else here has the latest on this, I haven't kept up with it lately. Just remember, these are only going to work if the incoming signal is clean but too loud and overloading the zoom inputs, if the distortion is coming from the mixer, these won't help.

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