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Originally Posted by danfuerth View Post
Well I am biased. I critic even what I use, the good and bad

I have Waves NLS
And I use Sknote stripbus + Waves NLS

Something is happening in SKnote StripBus that I really like. Mixed with NLS it is impressive.

Although I know it, and I am not dumb, nothing is like a studder 16 track tape recorder. However this digital realm is almost there, maybe in a few more years.

I really like the mix of Sknote stripbus + Waves NLS+ Voxengo Warmifier= a very nice and soft sound
How are you using both plugins? Both on a channel or some Stripbus there and a few NLS here?

I just came back from my studio and I mixed with both of them today.
After the sound shaping plugins i placed a StripBus and then an NLS.
I like StripBus cos of the ducker feature. The Gain and EQs dont seem that much responsive.
I like NLS cos of the color, the gain and the crosstalk.

Stripbus is 2 in 2 out so after that I put a stereo NLS channel even if its a mono kick or snare.

At the master I dont put a stripBUS. Just the NLS Buss.

How are you using these two togother? Any conflicts? Any best way of using them to gain as much as possible? Do you have the old stripbus or the latest version?

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