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Default [Solved] MIDI Editor insert note with pen tool doesn't follow Channel mapping


I am using one instance of Kontakt 5 with 8 MIDI tracks that are each input mapped to a unique MIDI channel (channel 1 to 8).

Kontakt receives my keyboard inputs on the correct channels but when I am in the MIDI Editor and having a specific MIDI item selected, then the pen note creation tool inserts a MIDI note that is not mapped to the channel of this MIDI item.

For example: MIDI track 8 is mapped so that it's input goes to the 8th MIDI channel in kontakt and it triggers the instrument that is linked to channel 8.
But if I create a note with the pen tool, the note triggers the MIDI channel 1 only.
If I play the keyboard the created midi notes will be correctly sent to the mapped input.

Please help me sort it out, I know it sounds complex, but I don't know why its doing that.

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