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Originally Posted by opaquelens View Post
I've nothing against a "less is more" approach. But for me personally I have specifically gone out of my way to build up a collection of third party plugins specifically because I'm into getting a sound modelled on analogue gear such as tape, vinyl, tubes etc. If that's not your thing I'm sure Reaper's plugins will suffice.
Hmm, no reason such a set up cannot be both all analogue emulation AND working on the "less is more" principle. After all in the analogue days that gear was sometimes big, heavy and expensive. Producers had to work with what they could afford and fit in the studio.
The less is more concept and settling for the DAWs FX alone are somewhat different things.
I am with you that you should get the emulations you really want though, as budget allows, but also that you should really get to know how to use the plugins, not just try presets.
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