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It depends... If you want to get to a specific sound you'll probably have a better chance of getting there by having access to a wide variety of tools, but you could also lean in to the plugins you have and let their capabilities inform you of how your mix will sound. But picking the right tool for the job will always be a better option, if you know what you are doing.

But you "can" settle on one type of plugin for the task in the sense that you can make a decent sounding mix with only a couple of plugins.
Historically even the biggest studios only had a handful of different compressors, EQs and Reverbs and they didn't have unlimited instances of these effects like we do today. These studios were also limited by, mics, recordings channels, room acoustics and even air density, which meant that different studios had different characteristics and often had a certain sound to them. So Abbey Road recordings would sound different to Electric Ladyland. Motown recordings were particularly characteristic because they basically used the exact same setup, effect chain, mic positions and musicians on all recordings. All of that made the recordings especially recognizable, but you would never be able to get a modern pop sound out of that studio and equipment.

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