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Originally Posted by xpander View Post
So far I've only tested editing of imported MIDI files with the earlier given preferences (.MID files/.MID file reference). Inline editing works for them if the MIDI files are type 1. You added a good point about that working only because type 1 files are automatically converted into in-project items, regardless of import settings...I didn't pay attention to that aspect.

Now, inline editing won't work for newly created MIDI items inside Reaper either (again, with given preferences) and that could be for the same reason it won't work for the imported type 0 files. I use always in-project MIDI items insted of .mid files, so simply don't face these problems. Should I need separate .mid files, I can export them anytime. Imported type 0 files can be glued to become in-project items.

At this stage Im not sure my bug report stands as it is...I would delete it if I could. Ironically it could read just the opposite; type 1 files working in inline editor while they shouldn't. Or more accurately, converting automatically regardless of settings, of course...
Damn, was hoping you had some special setting enabled that allowed you to do what I was attempting to do. Ah well. Maybe you can edit the bug report? Maybe it's not a bug and is on purpose since Reaper wouldn't "know" when to save to the external file, and it wouldn't want to update the midi file every time one little change occurred, as that would be too many file-writings. Juxtaposed to that is the MIDI editor where it saves when the user closes the editor (it asks to save if the preference isn't set to do so automatically at close).

External midi files has its uses, especially when interacting with a midi file that will be edited by another program while Reaper is open
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