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Default A simple set-up for my wife

I'm not surprised that Reaper doesn't have a phone app. It would be a huge change in approach. I love Reaper just as it is on my PC.......but.....Has anyone found a useful multi-track recorder for Android? Here's what I want to do.....

Play a piano track, then play it back as I record another instrument. Keep it, if they work, then record another track with a, say, horn or voice. I don't need more than 5 or 10 tracks. The piano and voice will be recorded thru a mic (a better one than is in the phone), ...all other instruments would be Midi versions. Saving it as separate multiple tracks would be good (as I could then use Reaper for post), but having to merge all tracks to .wav is possible.

Has anyone used anything good on their phones or pads?
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