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Originally Posted by nightscope View Post
No, it doesn't say that.

4.2 Jog Wheel
The Jog Wheel’s behaviour can be modifier with the MODIFIER buttons:
• SHIFT: move Time Region start
• OPTION: move Time Region end
• CONTROL: move Loop start
• ALT: move Loop end
The movement depends on the Zoom level and the status of the SCRUB button. If SCRUB is
off, the position will move one bar or beat, if SCRUB is on, the position will be moved by the time
that is equivalent to two pixel in the REAPER GUI.

This behaviour refers to the Jogwheel + modifiers, which control the Region and Loop starts and ends.

You're right. So... without using the CSI code/project stuff.... can I jog by measure, instead of every 3 measures? I stand corrected but I really need to know how and if this possible. Thanks!
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