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Default v5.981 - July 22 2019

v5.981 - July 22 2019
  • + Automation items: obey preference to pool automation items when duplicating or pasting tracks [t=223104]
  • + LTC generator: fix 29.97DF timecode drift
  • + LTC generator: fix glitch when starting timecode mid-frame
  • + Media items: avoid creating inconsistent take lanes when deleting takes from adjacent media items [t=222309]
  • + Media items: fix hang when displaying media item source ruler and setting media offline
  • + Notation editor: better handling for custom accidentals in key signatures that are enharmonic to C major [t=222761]
  • + Render: fix render source resetting when opening region manager [t=223074]
  • + Takes: always delete media items when deleting the last non-empty take
  • + Tempo envelope: fix tempo map edits incorrectly inserting time in certain situations [t=223126]
  • + Tempo: support lower tempos when auto-detecting tempo from time selection
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