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Found this in the new dev description.

+ LTC generator: fix 29.97DF timecode drift
+ LTC generator: fix glitch when starting timecode mid-frame

Could this be a hint to your problem?

But I have to confess that it seems weird, that the video window resizes only in floating mode. That would mean it handles two different video sizes completely different depending on how the window is placed. In my opinion this is then a bug.

To resize videos you have several options. VLC, ffmpeg, handbrake etc. You even could use the video processor in Reaper to zoom it out on the fly, but it wouldn't reduce the cpu consumption. Actually it even would increase.
The problem with resizing the resolution is the loss in quality if you make a re-encode. So if you use handbrake you have to make sure, that the new codec is h264 with a high bitrate which is in my opinion the best compromise in size and quality.
I'm not sure if ffmpeg can change the resolution without re-encoding. Theoretically this could work if the new size isn't an odd number. But maybe some of the video geeks can help you out better with information. Or google. Better use DuckDuckgo!

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