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Originally Posted by Eliseat View Post
Did you set a project frame rate? Maybe it could help Reaper to define the frames in a better way.

Thanks for your response. I just checked, and yes, the project frame rate is set to 30. But checking there, I also saw that preferred size is not set, maybe that has something to do with it...

One video is size 640x360 (30 fps), the other is 1920x1080 (29.97 fps), and I noticed that when the video window is undocked, the size is changed when switching between the two videos. And this happens even when the project preferred size is set to 640x360.

This resizing does not happen when the video window is docked, which it typically is for me, as I have the docker on a second screen. Maybe switching between the two video sizes is too taxing on Reaper (or the VLC decoder)? I'll see what happens if I reformat the large video to smaller size.

Is it possible to resize the video in Reaper? Or do I have to use VLC?

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