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Default Issues with mixing video with different frame rates...?

Is there a (known) issue with having videos with different frame rates in the same project?

I am just now working on a video with live scenes from a video with source properties: 920x1080, h264, 29.97fps, mixing this with city scenes filmed at: 640x360, h264, 30.00fps.

My problem is that when playing the project, the video window is blacked out for a short while when switching between cuts from the two videos. This does not show up in the rendered output, there switching between the scenes looks as expected.

But the blackening out issue makes it a pain to adjust the clips so that they fit with the audio. So, is this a framerate issue? Maybe an issue with different video sizes? Is there any setting for this somewhere?

The project is set to 30 fps. There is no preferred size set, but the rendered output appears at 568x320, h264, 30.00fps.
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