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Default Render stem tracks error: no render/target file!

I've looked at a few threads containing this issue (in most of which it seems the original poster couldn't resolve the issue.)
I can't render any project to the default (blank) location, but have found a workaround by rendering to a folder on the desktop. So fine, good enough.
The problem is with stem rendering. I can't stem render except in a brand new unsaved project. As soon as I save the project, I get the "no render/target file!" error when I try to stem render.
My question is, can I hack the path for stem render the way I did for render? (I don't get the same popup window where you can change things, just a static window with the error message.)
My system:
Mac Pro tower early 2009
OSX El Capitan 10.11.6
I have 4 partitions - Reaper is on the System Disk
My projects are in the Project disk
Plugins are in one of 2 Plugin disks
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