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Originally Posted by lucas_LCS View Post
Get it from Stash.
I decided to drop 'Solaris' from the name since it seems a bit overused now.
This theme is based on Albert's screenshot of his proposed theme Solaris SSL with some underpinnings from his Solaris Pro beta.
Albert gave the OK to release this.
his exact words were "No problem, just do it", as seen in post #364 of that thread.
If you like the theme and wish to donate, please donate to Albert and you'll also get access to his awesome Pro-X-Tools theme.
*NOTE: Special nod of thanks to White Tie for Imperial, since there are remnants of that awesome theme floating around in this one.
The TCP Envelope panel comes from White Tie's Imperial via the Solaris Pro theme.
I left this as is from the Solaris Pro theme since it looks good and fits the theme.
Items in the Transport also taken from White Tie's Imperial theme, but the Transport was customized to fit the theme better.

unzip the file after download and put the ReaperThemZip file in your Color Themes folder.

DEFAULT - retains the spirit of Albert's original screenshot, but is more flexible
ALT-01 - same as DEFAULT, but IO removed from top to give a little more area to the FX list. IO now stays in the meter area at any height.
SCALED - same as DEFAULT, but has fader and meter number scales
THIN - thin version of the DEFAULT
BIG METER - big meter with volume knob instead of a fader
TRACKING - thin with flexible big meter allowing more FX to be visible as needed
VCA - thin layout with no meter and minimal buttons
SEPARATOR - wide or thin Blank layout for making space between tracks
FULLSCREEN - close replication of the Albert's original design in his screenshot with small changes needed for usability.

DEFAULT - matches default MCP layout
LOWERED - matches default MCP layout, but everything is lowered to match MCP when there is no scrollbar underneath
ALT-01 - matches ALT-01 MCP layout
SCALED - same as DEFAULT, but fader and meter number scales
DUAL THROW - gives the look of dual faders, but really just a graphics trick I liked the look of.
BIG METER - big meter with volume knob instead of a fader

DEFAULT - main TCP layout
LONG NAME - matches default TCP layout, except buttons are lowered to allow for name label to keep stretching to the right.
BIG METER - has expandable meter and a longer name label than the default.
KNOBS - has knobs instead of faders when space allows it.
KNOBS BIG METER - BIG METER layout, but with knobs.

NOTE: all MCP layouts form a meter bridge when fully compacted.
The screenshot is way too large to post on this page, but you can see it here.

see screenshots below:





This theme is great. I know it's about 2 years old, but the only thing I have trouble with is seeing the selected track highlighted color (especially in mixer).

and the folder hierarchy in the TCP - it would be good to change the 'strip' color to the left which gets thicker as the folders go down more levels. For example, making it something like white would clearly show this.

These two things would make it perfect.

Thank you
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